Motorhome drivers, we’ve thought of you, too! Book a “Motorhome” stopover in dedicated parking areas at some of our destinations. . Their flooring or location are specially adapted for parking your vehicle on.

The basic fixed price includes:
– 2 people
– 1 motorhome

With surcharge:
– Up to 6 people per stopover (excluding in summer, children aged 10 or younger are welcome to stay for free!)
– 1 pet accepted

These dedicated areas are ideal for parking motorhomes, and you will also have access to a service area for emptying and to the campsite’s sanitary and leisure facilities.
– tarmac at Bourg-St-Maurice
– stabilised ground at Pays de Cordes sur Ciel
– grass at De Meinweg and Lac de l’Uby

Motorhome stopover
Motorhome stopover