Motorhome drivers, we’ve thought of you, too! Book a “Motorhome” stopover in dedicated parking areas at some of our destinations. The floor covering has been specially designed for parking your vehicle on.

Highly practical for a stopover, our “Motorhome” stopovers can accommodate up to 6 people. These secure areas, offering a specially designed floor covering, are ideal for parking motorhomes on.
They also offer access to dedicated service areas such as bins, washing up areas, etc. And for added convenience, you can choose the electricity option for a surcharge. Clever!

The basic fixed price includes:
– 2 people
– 1 motorhome

With surcharge:
– Up to 6 people per stopover (excluding in summer, children aged 10 or younger are welcome to stay for free!)
– 1 pet accepted

Motorhome stopover
Motorhome stopover


Bourg St Maurice