Whether you’re looking to get active or relax, whether you’re an animal lover or a nature explorer, soak up the magic of the forest. Pine trees, fir trees, oaks… Each forest has its own special charm.



Deep in the heart of the Périgord

There are 3 original routes setting out from Huttopia Lanmary Village for you to explore the forest with your family. Enjoy an interactive walk with this adventure game combining quizzes and puzzles. Use an outdoor smartphone to spend an afternoon looking for QR codes. How does a deer find water? How can you follow animal tracks? Children and adults will all be able to learn and discover while soaking up the beautiful forest environment.

Tree Climbing Activity

A highlight of your Huttopia holiday.

Reach for the sky! Using ropes and harnesses, climb up into the treetops, with the guidance of a professional. Similar to a tree high-wire course, this energizing activity is accessible to children and adults alike and everyone will enjoy contemplating the views from the treetops. A Huttopia exclusive.

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