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Wild bees houses can be found on our sites – these bees are perfectly harmless and actively contribute to pollination!

Huttopia was born from a dream and a revolution.

The dream of setting out as a family for holidays in the heart of nature while enjoying a certain level of comfort; the dream of finding a peaceful corner of nature without finding yourselves totally alone; the dream of escaping from daily life without having to travel to the other side of the world. And revolution against a form of mass tourism based on immediate profit that piles holidaymakers up alongside each other, or even on top of each other, in accommodation that leaves them in an isolated bubble and out of contact with their natural environment.

Our name says it all: a hut is a rudimentary shelter and Utopia is Thomas More’s fictive island of the blessed. Huttopia is the synthesis of all this…

At the Huttopia Villages and Campsites, you can enjoy a holiday in true simplicity, as a family, in a basic but comfortable shelter, where you can sleep, eat, play outdoors, set out to explore the region and its people and then sleep and start again.

Thanks to our lightweight and easily dismountable facilities, a real knowledge of the environmental issues at stake, and a deep conviction that man is a part of nature, we will continue to create sites in beautiful natural areas which respect and enhance the surrounding environment.

Céline and Philippe Bossanne
Co-founders of Huttopia in 1999

When we created Huttopia, we were convinced that the need for direct contact with nature, the desire to get away from daily life, a love of discovering new things and meeting new people, and the pleasure of simple moments with family and friends should hold sway in our ever more digitalized world.

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