In today’s society, in response to our increasingly stressful and digitized city lives, we find ourselves dreaming of another world…

A world apart, far from the hustle and bustle of our over-connected city lives, and yet so close to home.

A simple and authentic world where we can connect with ourselves and each other again and take the time to appreciate nature at its finest.

A world made up of exceptional sites and magnificent regions to discover.

A world where we can enjoy simple, quality time with our loved ones, and the only disturbances are the breath of wind in the trees or the laughter of a child.

This world exists…Welcome to the World of Huttopia!

The origins...

Rekindling the camping spirit, the dream of a wood cabin deep in the forest, and the pleasure of waking up in the midst of nature combined with modern comfort, that is the Huttopia spirit.

Since 1999, Céline and Philippe Bossanne, nature-loving campers and inveterate travellers, have given themselves the mission of reinventing nature holidays. By finding beautiful natural sites in France, Canada, the United States, and around the world to set up comfortable and reversible facilities and accommodation.

“Our name says it all: a hut as a rudimentary shelter and Utopia is Thomas More’s fictive island of the blessed. Huttopia is the synthesis of all of this…”

In The World Of Huttopia...

Nature is the only luxury
For 20 years, Huttopia has sought out unique natural sites and landscapes.
A forest, an unspoilt location, a unique view, a tranquil setting and endless nature… You are at Huttopia!

Get away from it all!
The mind is at rest, turned to the sound of the breeze in the trees, and different experiences… At Huttopia, you can disconnect from daily life and reconnect with your loved ones.

A promise: authenticity
Camp with your tent or motorhome on natural sites or make the most of our aesthetic and comfortable ready-to-camp accommodation (wood and canvas): a promise of authentic holidays in the most beautiful regions of France.

Comfort, at its most simple
We strive to offer a new Art of Camping combined with simple comfort, based on the essentials. A comfy bed, a good mattress, sometimes a bathroom (but not always!), a wood stove… and environmentally-friendly innovations that will make your holidays even easier.

Turn your holiday into an adventure…
Visit a region and discover everything it has to offer, try an original activity, make new friends, sample a local speciality … In the Huttopia world, every day is a discovery.

A sustainable vision
Huttopia offers campings and villages that minimize their impact on the local surroundings and favour an approach towards greater sustainability.