In the most beautiful countryside in France and elsewhere, close to lakes and rivers, in the heart of national forests and protected environments, by the sea, in the mountains, or in the midst of castles… Huttopia looks forward to welcoming you this season in stunning regions of France.

Breathe, dream and escape!


At Huttopia, we love the marvels of nature. In the Provencal Alpilles, near the famous Ardèche and Verdon rivers or in the heart of the Drôme Provençale… At Huttopia you can wake up to the song of cicadas and the typical fragrances of the south of France.

DieulefitFontvieille  | Gorges du Verdon  |  Le Moulin  | Sud-Ardèche

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At Huttopia,we love natural sites. In the heart of the forests of the Parisian region, on the edge of lakes and under century-old oaks, Huttopia offers a total change of scenery just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the city and the Eiffel Tower.

RambouilletSenonches  | Versailles

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At Huttopia, we love unlimited space. In the heart of the Périgord Noir with its famous castles and the beautiful city of Sarlat, in the midst of the forest near Périgueux, or at the water’s edge, nestled on an unspoiled island on the Dordogne… enjoy a holiday in a region boasting a lush green environment and a strong local identity.

Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne | Sarlat | Lanmary – Périgord


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At Huttopia, we love places that reenergize us. In the midst of mountains! In the heart of the Savoie or the Hautes-Alpes, with the famous resorts of the Tarentaise and beautiful lakes for swimming: recharge your batteries at our mountain destinations.

Bourg-St-Maurice | Bozel en Vanoise | Divonne les Bains | La Clarée  |  Lac d’Aiguebelette Vallouise

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At Huttopia, we love authenticity and traditional local culture. The fresh air, hiking up the famous volcanoes, the peaceful, dreamy landscapes, and the unique cheeses make it an ideal holiday destination!

Lac de la Siauve  |  Royat


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At Huttopia, we love relaxing in an oasis of calm.Near Alsace or Burgundy win routes, in the heart of the vineyards, or at the water’s edge near the Jura. Enjoy a breath of fresh air for your next camping holiday.

WattwillerMeursault  |  La Plage Blanche  | Étang de Fouché

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At Huttopia, we love salt water and shellfish! Dig out your straw hat, swimsuit and sunglasses… and head to the French Riviera, for a different kind of break, in the heart of the forest, far from any crowded beaches.

Forêt de Janas

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At Huttopia, we love to offer active holiday. Welcome to the heart of a region famous for its castles, its bike rides along the banks of the Loire, and its secret lakes. From Chambord to Saumur, Touraine, and Sillé-Plage… You can enjoy a holiday combining sport and culture in the heart of nature.

Les ChâteauxLac de Sillé  |  Saumur  | Lac de Rillé

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At Huttopia, we love listening to the roar of the waves. On the Ilé de Ré, Noirmoutier and Oléron, or on the vast beaches of the south Atlantic coast, like Lacanau and Hossegor… Surfers, campers and backpackers will love the holiday spirit of these wild destinations.

Côte Sauvage – Ile de Ré | Chardons Bleus – Ile de Ré | Oléron les Pins | Olérons les Chênes Verts  |  Noirmoutier  |  Lac de Carcans  | Landes Sud


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At Huttopia, we love the varied landscapes of southwest France. From the mountains of the Pyrenees, to the Aveyron, the unspoilt canyon of the Tarn Gorges, or the bustle of Millau, the French outdoor sports capital… adrenaline lovers will be right in their element at these destinations.

Font-Romeu  |  Gorges du Tarn  |  Millau

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At Huttopia, we love peaceful destinations. Whether by the sea or further inland, enjoy a leisurely holiday discovering the distinctive culture of Brittany. From Douarnenez to St Malo or the famous Mont St Michel, there is much to discover.

Baie du Mont St Michel  | Douarnenez

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At Huttopia, we love bucolic landscapes. From the famous cliffs of Etretat, to the Côte d’Albâtre, any holiday in Normandy also deserves a venture inland into the heart of the rustic countryside of the Calvados, renowned for its cider and cheeses. A real must…

Calvados – NormandieLes Falaises  – Normandie

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