Press pause and escape the daily grind… You are now entering a stress-free zone!
Whether solo, with friends, or with family, get away from urban life and recharge your batteries with a yoga session looking out over the ocean, a wellness ritual at the forest spa, or a spot of fishing.
Make the most of the chance to simply enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Relaxing rituals

The forest spa is the ideal setting to pamper yourself and enjoy some you time in a peaceful haven under the trees! In the Villages, you can find saunas in beautiful wooden huts and deckchairs to settle back in the sunshine. There is everything you need to relax and unwind.
In cooler weather, you can enjoy spa treatments near our sites.

Get on your mat

Yoga combines sequences of poses and breathing exercises and is known to be great for the mind and body! You could also join in some group stretching sessions or solo muscle building. Getting active in the heart of nature is good for the morale!

Enjoy a digital detox without getting bored

Put your phone on silent and let your senses awaken! Enjoy the unexpected gift of boredom and learn the art of doing nothing. These timeless moments are good for your health and creativity: breathe, you’re on holiday!

Master the art of fishing

Fresh water anglers can catch carp on the banks of a lake or river, while ocean lovers can hunt for clams and periwinkles hidden under the rocks. There’s something for everyone!

Family discovery walks and workshops

Going on holiday means enjoying quality time together, sharing special moments, and discovering new activities. You’ll be left with unforgettable memories!