At Huttopia, we love entertaining you! The communal living areas of our sites are an invitation to get together and soak up the sociable atmosphere with family or friends. In the evenings in the summertime, magic shows, storytelling, open air movies, and live music concerts will enrapture children and adults alike.

Infatuated with music

Huttopia is organizing a national acoustic concert tour across all its destinations in July and August. Let yourself be swept away by the different musical acts!

Proud Mary

With a soul repertoire from the 60s to the present day, Proud Mary plays live modern music, combining rock and pop sounds, for unforgettable evening entertainment.

Little treme

The Little Treme quartet will transport you to New Orleans with their resolutely festive energy, so reminiscent of a brass chamber band!

Acoustic Ladyland

This female trio has folk in their fingertips and groove in their voices! Funk, Rock, RnB, Pop and Soul… these girls can do it all!

Komodo Salé

These young musicians passionately blend a range of styles including Funk, Groove, Disco, and Pop Rock… Their talent will have you buzzing!


Bowler hats and pop rock await you with this trio of undeniably talented musicians. Their toe-tapping covers of international modern classics will have everyone entertained.